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Adding a Missing Icon to Program and Features for a Click Once install, VB.NET

  Click once is a great way to install win form applications within your organization. One issue I discovered recently is that the installed application’s icon does not appear in the Add/Remove programs (or Program and Features) dialog screen. This does not look very professional. Searching the internet I found a work around here (this has both C# and VB.Net examples): I made a few changes to the VB.Net code which I share below. A few issues I found that you should keep in mind: Icon file should be set to Copy Always for the property Copy to Output Directory Make sure your display name and product name match exactly as these are compared. Icon is only updated on the first run of the application after install, so if you’re testing this code you will need to un-install before the next test/install. Here’s my code, you will need to replace the  calendar.ico  text with your icon file and add the imports. Imports System.Deployment.Application Imports Microsoft.Win32