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Matrix Rain Window

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Sunshine Reaching

With rays of warmth, he embraces her soul.  Arms, iron strong, surround their love. Sunshine reaching, fills the room.  With feathered whispers, they embrace the day. Poetry and picture by me. Picture taken in 2017 and re-edited today for this post. Cheers, Wade


You can tell just by looking The way she stands alone You can tell by simply watching Observing the way he holds her close There is strength in their love, you can tell Cheers, Wade

Dream Forest

Shady visions raced through my head These nightmares of ancient forests flooded my thoughts I gaze upon a solitary weathered soul, but my vision is blurred Is he reaching for me, calling me forward Or guiding the way deeper into the dream forest – Dream Forest, Wade Brooks Something a little different to send you off to bed this evening. Cheers, Wade

Beauty Dog

There’s an empty bed in our house, it is small and placed on the floor next to my wife’s side of our bed. When all was quiet in the night, you could hear Beauty breathing in her little bed. She was the first one to head upstairs to her bed when the night grew long. She was also the first one up and ready for her breakfast when the day began, sometimes too early. My job was to feed her in those early hours and let her outside to use the bathroom. She would “howl” for her breakfast, if I didn’t fill her bowl fast enough. Sometimes, when I was missing her, I would wait and ask if she was hungry. She always was and she told me so. I’d smile and sometimes even laugh, then fill her bowl. Beauty was a Beagle so she, like most Beagles, loved to eat. She was always looking for food, even right after a meal. Beauty loved everyone, and would bark once or twice when anyone entered her house. She wasn’t announcing their arrival, she was asking them to feed her a treat. Every regular visitor soon le