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Doing what you love and my 27 years at Cree/Wolfspeed

Working at the same company for 27 years is seen by some as bad for your career. Sure, I may have been able to make a little more money, but I do feel like I have mastered many of the skills I learned while working for Wolfspeed. And I don't think you truly understand a role until you have been submersed in it for a few years.

When I started my career there were around 150 people working at Wolfspeed (then Cree Research). I started as a programmer, working on a shrink wrapped software application that controlled LED message signs. In my role, I worked on other software projects and was even involved in building an eight foot full color LED video screen. Very cool!

Over the next twenty odd years, I have held many different roles and created some amazing things at Wolfspeed. I created the company's first public web page and also their first internal web portal. At last count, I have created over thirty five applications that are used for data parsing and analysis (and other needs). Having the ability to work in many groups and learn new skills is one of the main reasons I still love working at Wolfspeed.

Me looking up

Here are a few of the roles I have had over the years at Wolfspeed:

Programmer Analyst
Materials Coordinator
Web Master
IT Manager
Software Developer
Senior Software Developer
Senior Software Engineer
Database Developer

Enjoy your work and look for ways to make things better for your co-workers.



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