This is not the actual area at Queen’s Bath used for swimming, but another outcropping that ¬†looked interesting to me. I have a few shots of swimmers and will post them later. Cheers, Wade

Queen’s Bath

View from inside our helicopter, we were lucky to have clear skies and also the only female helicopter pilot on Kauai.

Waterfalls and Helicopters II

The waterfall from the movie Jurassic Park, with a helicopter to give it some scale. This waterfall is on the western side of Kauai and is simply breathtaking. Here’s a cropped version.

Waterfalls and Helicopters

I truly enjoy my lunch time walks and photographing what I find along the way. This is another example of what you can find by just looking. I like the sun filled petals of the main flower, the bent over buds and the out of focus flower in the background. […]

In the brightness of my day