My daughter, Jacqui, with her future husband, Ryan. Taken on our trip last week to the outer banks, where we reviewed the wedding venue in Corolla, NC. Cheers, Wade

Jacqui and Ryan

This is from a photowalk I did with my daughter back in 2014, we had a great time wandering around Raleigh. Cheers, Wade

Just Bursting with Pride

A Ferrari 250 California from the Forza Horizon 2 Xbox game. Cheers, Wade

Running Down a Dream   Recently updated !

I love the simple design of this hand dryer, no extra buttons or vents, just a basic form. Well done, Excel Dryer company! Cheers, Wade


1972 Ford LTD My first car was a  green 1970 Ford LTD 1976 AMC Hornet My second car was a brown AMC Hornet. Both of my first two cars were hand me down cars from my father, which I paid for, but got a good deal on. 1980 Dodge […]

Cars I Have Owned   Recently updated !

I’ve been using WordPress on and off for many, many years and really love the level of customization available. My current favorite theme is Customizr (see link below). One of the main reasons I like using WordPress and hosting my own sites is that I have full control over all […]

WordPress and Photography   Recently updated !

The view from one of the docks at the Whalehead Club near Corolla, NC on the outer banks. Cheers, Wade

Just Relax

Here’s another shot of the 2014 SRT Viper GTS that was parked in front of my office yesterday. Cheers, Wade

Ready to Rumble!