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Wordpress and Photography

 I've been using WordPress on and off for many, many years and really love the level of customization available. My current favorite theme is Customizr (see link below). One of the main reasons I like using WordPress and hosting my own site is that I have full control over all of the content. If G+ or Facebook change and my images are no longer available, it doesn't matter. And yes I have local and offsite storage for all of my photographs. Also all of my posts and links point to one site. I know WordPress isn't for everyone, it does take some work and knowledge. I have done web development, so I am comfortable editing behind the scenes code (HTML and CSS). I have found that more and more I just pick a really good theme and I don't have to do any code development. If you are interested in using WordPress for your site, check out my site and the Customizr site (links below). Cheers, Wade


You can tell just by looking The way she stands alone You can tell by simply watching Observing the way he holds her close There is strength in their love, you can tell Cheers, Wade

Dream Forest

Shady visions raced through my head These nightmares of ancient forests flooded my thoughts I gaze upon a solitary weathered soul, but my vision is blurred Is he reaching for me, calling me forward Or guiding the way deeper into the dream forest – Dream Forest, Wade Brooks Something a little different to send you off to bed this evening. Cheers, Wade