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Geek Outs by Carl and Richard

 The guys over on .Net Rocks (a podcast about programming),, have a series of podcasts called Geek Outs. These shows cover a non-programming topic in detail, with Richard Campbell doing most of the research and Carl Franklin asking questions.

I thought I’d make a list of links to all the Geek Out shows, so I could find them easier and check off the ones I’ve heard (or listen again). The shows are sorted by date, with the most recent shows first. Enjoy!

Space 2017

Worldwide Energy Production

DC Lighting

SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System

Arctic Ocean

Electric Aircraft

Thorium Molten Salt Reactor

Reusable Spacecraft

GMO, BT and Glyphosate

Supersonic Aircraft

Genetically Modified Foods

Modern Agriculture

Space Elevators and Tethers


Next Generation Airliners

The Martian

Quantum Computing

Manned Missions to Mars

Artificial Intelligence

Energy Storage

Geek Out Recap

Moore’s Law

Space-Based Power

Water Power

MMS and Space Weather

Two Space Accidents in a Week

The James Webb Space Telescope with Dr. Amber Straughn

Cold Fusion

Fusion Power

Fusion Power #2

Nuclear Weapons


Interstellar Space Flight with Uncle Bob

Nuclear Accidents


The DC Revolution

XKCD with Randall Munroe

Barbeque with Ronnie Shewchuk

Asteroid Mining and Beyond

Automated Driving and Episode 900!


Space Telescope


GeoThermal Power

Nuclear Power


Wind Power

Solar Power



Electric Cars

Return To Space

Space Out

Richard Campbell Geeks Out

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